Otto Trucking Inc  & Otto Logistics LLC has equipment that comes with automatic transmission. We currently have Allison 4000 series models, 6 speed Allison Transmissions. As many of you drivers know these have a tendency to shift hard. Allison Transmission has now made improvements with a new transmission called the Allison TC-10, and Otto Trucking now has 4 coming into its fleet and more to come down the road.

The TC-10 transmission is a 10 speed automatic transmission where as the 4000 series is only a 6 speed automatic. The TC-10 has several of the features that the 4000 series has, But the TC-10 has more to offer you the driver. It has smoother shifting, ability to learn if loaded or empty to help in the shifting process. When you select drive it goes straight to 3rd gear and once you begin accelerate it learns if it is loaded/empty, if loaded it drops gears and keeps torque applied to help make equipment move more efficient, if empty it knows to back off on torque and help save on fuel.

The TC-10 series transmissions have an excellent feature for the types of terrain that we deal with. If you press the reverse button you will get R1 then pressing the up arrow you will get R2 feature. The R2 feature is useful in slippery situations, Ice, Snow, Mud, ETC when EMPTY or bobtail. What this feature does is not allow so much torque to be applied to the wheels right away giving you better traction in the conditions when backing up. It is not used for backing up faster it just helps control wheel spin in reversing operations during slippery conditions. If you use R2 when loaded you are using this transmission incorrect and will cause damage. Only use R2 when empty or bobtail.

While having a TC-10 transmission on a down grade and the engine brakes is applied the transmission can go from 10th gear to 6th gear giving you the ability to keep in control better.

I will always tell each and ever driver I meet though to never trust you life on the electronics, as we all know electronics can fail. So always be in the right gear for the situation.

Allison Transmission has given Otto Trucking Inc. information for us to share with you the driver to help you understand this transmission and it features to make your job easier all the way around. Please read thru the information and watch the short video. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Ralph then and he will answer them and if he does not know he will make contact with the Allison Transmission representative to get you the answer you need. Some of this information can be applied to the 4000 series transmission with the 5th generation electronic controls.


Allison Transmission TC-10 with 5th Generation Shift Selector video

Allison Transmission 5th Generation Shift Selector Operation & Code Manual

Allison Transmission Prognostics Brochure