Driver Messages

All  haul sheets must have beginning and ending mileage on them. This must be done for fuel / mileage tracking. Please make sure that you have this taken care of before turning in Haul sheet(s).

DVIR’s – All drivers are required to fill out a DVIR daily for any equipment that they operate.  DOT says that you only needs to fill one out if you find a defect BUT at Otto Trucking Inc. you are required to fill out a DVIR even if no defects are found and you must : SIGN & Print your name along with putting your EMPLOYEE # on there.  This is a company policy so PLEASE TURN IN A DVIR DAILY.

RAIN DAYS – Any day/night that there has been substantial rain – Please call from home to make sure that your job is a go.  Please remember that most contractors are not on the job site until they are scheduled to start their day.  So dispatch will typically not know anything regarding a job till the contractor arrives on job site and notifies dispatch so please call from home too make sure that your scheduled job is a go for the day.


Company jackets for sale $30.00.  These jackets are high quality water resistant, fleece lined, high visibility with reflective striping  for night time.

If you would like to get one please call Karla at the main office or see Dillard at 51st Ave.

Available at either Superstition Trailers or McDowell office locations