About Us

Otto Trucking is an aggregate transport company based in Phoenix. We offer a variety of dump trucks and excavation equipment for earthwork and site development projects. Many of Arizona’s largest contractors choose Otto Trucking to transport material to and from their job sites in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. We continuously strive to be the trucking company of choice for jobs large or small.

Belly Dumps

Our primary truck for hauling material. Our 40ft belly dump trailers deliver 23.5 tons of material per load making them more cost effective than supers and other smaller dump trucks. These trucks/trailers are great for road construction projects and large building pads.

Super 16s

Our super 16 dump trucks haul only 20 tons per load but are great for getting into all the smaller job sites where other trucks with trailers just wont fit. They are also equipped with chip bars for chip spreading and perfect for paving when you need asphalt dumped right into the paver.

Quad Axle Dump Trucks

Similar to the super 16 trucks these short dump trailers have a tighter turning radius than a belly dump and can deliver 25 tons of material per load. These trailers cannot haul dirt but are perfect for delivering concrete aggregates and sand to batch plants and factories.

Rock Tub End Dumps

Our steel rock tubs are tough and able to haul bigger materials such as broken concrete, broken asphalt, rip rap, and other materials bigger than 3″ that would damage traditional dump trucks/trailers.  With that durability comes a sacrifice in payload but they are still effective in getting the job done at 22 tons per load.

Aluminum End Dumps

When you are looking to have material hauled long distances and stockpiled our aluminum end dumps are the best solution. While they cannot haul material bigger than 3″ they can deliver smaller rock and sand at 25 tons per load often times making them the most cost effective for getting material from point A to point B. These trucks are also perfect for delivering concrete aggregates and sand to batch plants and factories.

Double 40ft Belly Dumps

Need a lot of dirt moved on-site but the haul is just too far for scrapers? Our double 40ft belly dump configuration is the answer.  At 105ft long these trucks are not legal on the road but when off-road jobs permit they can haul 30 cubic yards of dirt per load making them more cost effectively than scrapers.


Like our 40ft belly dumps these trucks are great for delivering aggregate base course and other materials to roads, parking lots or other job sites. These trucks can turn into tighter areas than our 40ft belly dumps and deliver bigger pay loads of 25-26 tons but cannot haul dirt.

Water Trucks

Don’t worry about the headache of trying to find water truck rentals and CDL drivers to drive them. We are able to assist with your dust control needs.

Loading Equipment

Not only can we haul the dirt but we can load ourselves! We have a variety of loaders and excavators we can use to excavate retention basins, channels, or make stockpiles disappear. Have excess material on site that needs to be loaded and hauled off? We can take care of it all, day or night.

Motor Grader / Blades

We also have Motor Graders to knock down loads of dirt and finish after our excavators when needed.