Transfer Station Management

Otto Logistics provides staff and equipment for transfer stations across the Southwest. We strive for safe and precise operations. Our goal is to create a streamlined and coordinated movement of waste as it arrives at each transfer station, ensuring it is staged correctly and ready to be transferred to our long haul trucks as quickly as possible.

Waste must be categorized, mixed, and broken down to safeguard against damage to our lightweight aluminum trailers. Our skilled transfer station employees ensure our trucks are loaded to the maximum allowed weight for their particular route. At the end of each day, transfer station floors are cleaned and the remaining trash is preloaded into our trailers so our drivers can get an early start in the morning.

There is a lot going on through the day at a transfer station. Our employees must stay focused and have their act together because one thing is for sure – the trash doesn’t stop coming!

Solid Waste Transport

Our truck and trailer combinations are specifically chosen for each location we haul. We collaborate with manufactures to design the most fuel efficient, reliable, lightweight, and durable equipment. We continuously experiment with new combinations of equipment and technology to see what works in the field. We are beginning to introduce trucks fueled entirely by natural gas.

We take pride in our drivers. They are chosen for their safety record and driving ability.  We work when there is trash, and that means weekends and holidays. Otto Logistics pays drivers on a per load basis, that means an incentive to drivers that deliver. Quality drivers that are safe, on time, and treat their equipment well, earn competitive wages and stable work.

Landfill Tipping Operations

We utilize the quickest and most efficient method of unloading landfill waste- Landfill Tippers. These portable, yet stable platforms tilt our trailers to a 63 degree angle, allowing gravity to do all the work of getting the trash out. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain self-unloading trailers which cost more and reduce payload capacity. Our tippers average 3 minute cycle times and are designed for easy relocation within the landfill in as little as 15 minutes. The combined results significantly increase efficiency, and allows Otto Logistics to offer our customers a competitive cost per mile solid waste transportation solution.