About Us

Otto Trucking is an aggregate transport company based in Phoenix. We offer a variety of dump truck and excavation equipment for earthwork and site development projects. Many of Arizona’s largest contractors choose Otto Trucking to transport material to and from their job sites in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. We continuously strive to be the trucking company of choice for jobs large or small.


Founder and CEO Alan Otto began with one truck in North Dakota. In 1984 he relocated to Arizona and Otto Trucking began 25 years of growth with the Arizona economy. Today, Otto Trucking operates over 150 tractor trailers and is the largest aggregate transporter in the Southwest. Our company continues to expand to meet growing demand for efficient and consolidated trucking in Arizona and surrounding states.

In 2004, sensing a new opportunity, we began transporting solid waste, farm fertilizer, and diesel fuel. Today, affiliate company Otto Logistics operates an additional 100 tractor trailers throughout Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas. In 2012 Otto Trucking discontinued hauling diesel fuel and farm fertilizer to refocus on its original business model.


With dedicated employees and the support of great customers, vendors, and sub haulers, its no wonder that Otto Trucking is the ‘go to’ trucking company for many Arizona contractors. We are thankful to have such a great company in one of the hottest markets in the US.

We also credit our success to the 200 plus dedicated drivers, mechanics, operations and administrative professionals who work together daily to create a great trucking organization. We are dedicated to providing our employees competitive wages and a stable and safe work environment. We will continue to strengthen the company’s position by emphasizing safety, innovation, teamwork, and dedication to providing superior service to our customers.

Going forward

Until 2010, Otto Trucking experienced strong growth. When the recession hit, we adjusted accordingly. It has not been easy but thanks to our employees, diversity, and a large customer base, we have pulled through.

Going forward we feel that the Southwest market will still be strong. In the future our company will be successful as long as we can employ and retain talented people.

Alan insists that with more regulations and financial barriers to enter the trucking industry it would be impossible to duplicate our company’s growth. “I could never do today what I was able to do the first 25 years. The southwest experienced strong growth and money was easier to borrow. Now it’s almost impossible for a small operator to get financing, and with the price of fuel and equipment it takes a lot of cash. It’s sad to see some of my customers and other trucking companies have to shut their doors.”

Alan enjoys driving past projects that his company helped complete and looks forward to future projects around the valley and in other states. He says, “I feel like I’m the luckiest guy around to live in one of the best places and have some of the greatest employees and customers anywhere.”